Worldbuilding Software for Writers

Worldbuilding Software for Writers

Develop your characters and story worlds across books and series - the easy way!

How Plottr Will Help You Organize Your Worldbuilding

Visualize Your World

Worldbuilding isn't just for sci-fi and fantasy! Whether you're writing romance, historical fiction, mysteries, or even a memoir... your story has a world, and Plottr can help bring it to life.
"Plottr optimizes the ability to build a world, enjoy the experience, and continue working on a series without worrying about forgetting a detail based on the built in architecture of the platform."
"Honestly, I've solved a lot of problems by using Plottr... I have previously used World Anvil and other software, and I found it too overwhelming, but Plottr? Plottr is perfect for my needs."
Elizabeth H.
Author and Editor

Create Your Characters

If your characters are giving you grief, Plottr makes sure you know why. Track everything you need to know about your characters to write your story – and filter out the rest.
"The templates are very good! They help you understand your characters on an emotional level and work toward their goals while also building the world around them."
Gabrielle Allen
Author and Illustrator
"I love the flexibility of Plottr, moving ideas around as a pantser is essential. I can also keep all the details of a project in one place, characters, setting details, and all those notes that make a world 'real'."
Emma Jaye

Take Notes and Tag Everything

Want to track your world's languages, cultures, religions, or items? With Plottr you can create unlimited, customizable Notes and Tags to conquer the complexity of your world.
"Before using Plottr, I had notes about plot, worldbuilding, and character scattered across multiple tools. Now with Plottr, that has changed! All my notes are under one hood, and I can link them with tags - much better for continuity and planning works that share details!"
Michael Harrington
"Without Plottr, I may have abandoned years of work spread over files and files of Google docs... Instead of immediately stressing and wasting tons of time in searches, I can find what I need in Plottr in no time. As I build the world and characters for the early books, it will make future books in the series so much easier."
C.L. Farmer

From Worldbuilding to Outline

When you're done developing your world, Plottr makes it easy to visually outline and refine the plot with draggable scene cards, plus over 30 templates based on proven storytelling structures.
"I have suggested Plottr to my book coach clients. I coach historical fiction. Plottr allows them to keep a chronological track of what is happening in the world during the time the story unfolds. The photo ability is great for visual learners to "see' what their world looks like."
Dee B.
Book Coach
"My books are usually pretty complex with multiple intertwining storylines, so it's easy to forget minor character details. I use [Plottr] for my worldbuilding and character development so I can just look back at it without needing to reread chapters in earlier books in a series."
Noel Snook

Export to Word & Scrivener

The fun is just beginning. Once you've finished worldbuilding and outlining your book, Plottr makes it easy to start writing — just export your files and get to work!

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"The joy of worldbuilding in fiction is honestly the joy of getting to play God. Because as an author, you get to build the world.” – Neil Gaiman

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Plottr is a visual outlining, story bible, and worldbuilding software built for published and aspiring writers of all kinds – novelists, screenwriters,  playwrights, academics, journalists, writing students, and beyond.

Whether you’re an outlining pro or your journey is just beginning, Plottr can help you visually (and creatively) build a plan to write your book!

Plottr is a downloadable software available both offline for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android – this includes iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets – and online as a standalone online web app.

You can sync files across devices automatically using Plottr Pro or manually via a 3rd-party storage service (e.g. Dropbox) with Plottr Classic.

That's what folks tell us! Plottr is enjoyed daily by everyone from precocious high school students to professional published authors, hobbyists, and writers in virtually every category in between. We have a library of documentation, video tutorials, and demos to help you get started. 

If your license expires, you will still have access to the version of Plottr and files you had at the time of expiration. However, you will not be able to download updates and bug fixes afterwards without renewing your license. 

We provide support via email Monday through Friday (10am to 6pm ET), along with a full suite of educational resources, including live training, video tutorials, written documentation, and product demos.


You can also view (and contribute to) our roadmap and find important announcements both within the app and on the website!