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Frequently Asked Questions

You May Be Wondering...
Plottr is our classic, offline, downloadable version, while Pro is our new, online, cloud-based version, which adds native syncing across devices and cloud-backups, collaboration features, as well as access to our web app. You can read more about the differences here.

Any projects you create during your trial will be available to use after you purchase Plottr. Your Plottr projects are stored as files locally on your computer, and you can simply open them up again after upgrading your account to continue working.

Plottr works natively on Mac (Apple) and Windows (PC) computers. Plottr can also be used on Chromebooks, Microsoft Surface tablets, and other devices that allow an internet connection using Plottr Pro's web app.

Plottr currently operates on a 6-week release cycle, so you can expect 1 new release full of new features and improvements every 1.5 months. We release new templates several times a year. We also release software patches to fix bugs as needed. 

You can pay for Plottr using both Paypal and Credit Card.

Yes, you can. If you have Plottr's offline version, you can deactivate your license keys on your devices as needed and reactivate them on other devices. You can read more about this here.

Yes, there are a couple ways you can do this: (1) If you both have a Plottr license key or if you have a license key with multiple activations, you can take turns collaborating using a cloud-storage service like Dropbox (read more); (2) If you and your collaborator have Plottr Pro, you can invite them to work on your file with you in real-time (read more).

Yes! You can upgrade from an annual account to a lifetime account, as well as from 1 activation to multiple activations or to Plottr Pro, for a prorated price from inside your customer account. You can read more about the upgrade process here.

If you purchase an annual plan for Plottr's offline version and don't renew your license, you will still be able to use Plottr with the latest version you were entitled to through your expiration date, but without the benefit of new features, improvements, bug fixes, and technical support.

We do not offer refunds. Instead, we provide a 60-day free trial to ensure Plottr is the right fit for you before making a purchase. If you have any issues during your trial, feel free to open a support ticket. Our support team is eager to help you optimize your experience with Plottr.

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