Plottr Reviews 2024: The Best Book Planning Software

Plottr Reviews

See why Plottr is the #1 book outlining and story bible software for writers

Don't write your book without it!

"I used to think I was organized and that my book outlines were great until I discovered Plottr!"

For the first time my writing is organized!

"I have been more productive since using Plottr than I have ever been."

Plotting on Steroids

"Plottr is an app for beginners and professionals alike... I was impressed and delighted from the first moment I started using it."

Game Changer

"Plottr has helped me organize my ideas in a way that is easy to understand and follow. The outline templates are a huge help in remembering the important story components. The ability to plan an entire series with interconnected characters in one place and see each different storyline is priceless.

Before Plottr, I had notebooks and scattered pieces of paper, which led to scattered ideas. Plottr keeps me organized and more productive. I use Plottr in conjunction with Scrivener, and the ability to import my outline and have the chapters and scenes already blocked is a major timesaver."

I don't know what I'd do with out it

"I simply love this program as it helps, an amateur, like myself, plot and get a story structure to the point where it should be and it makes sense... The developers are endlessly making Plottr better and better each release. My go to writing app."

Writers Need Plottr!

"Plottr is wonderful for planning novels or any writing projects--plotting books, detailing scenes, analyzing published work to see the genius in action, using it as a series bible, and so much more. As a writer of novels, I would not want to be without them!"

Great product for helping to plot and plan complex novels

"I write complicated sci-fi/fantasy novels and trilogies... I've used all the plotting/writing software out there, and this is the only one that felt like it was aiding my process, not asking me to adapt to the software's process. Highly recommended."

Goodbye index cards and corkboard!

"Plottr's intuitive interface and robust features are without parallel among all the other programs and platforms I'm aware or or have experimented with. However, the thing that impresses me most is the team you've assembled and how hands-on, responsive and dedicated they are.

I routinely check for updates because chances are, there's one available. The software has grown and evolved at light speed since I started using it in the very early days, and at this point, I can't think of any major feature or function it lacks. You can really tell this is a product that was developed by writers for writers."

Finally, See Everything about Your book in One Place

"Whether editor or writer, see your book's characters, settings, timeline, and plot laid out before you. Plottr has been my go-to app for creating or editing."

Can't write without Plottr. Didn't know what I was missing!

"I used to use Excel and index cards. Excel can be tedious and cards can go missing. No more. Everything is conveniently at my fingertips and I know I can access the information whenever I need it."

Does exactly what it sets out to do

"I really like the simplicity of Plottr. It brings structure and clarity to outlining in an easy way... I couldn't recommend it enough if you are a fan of outlining or if you are looking for a tool to help you get there."

Plottr Reviews from the Media

Indie Author Magazine

"Whether you’re a plotter who refuses to start your novel without ten thousand words of outline, or a discovery writer (pantser) who just starts typing with little to no direction in mind, Plottr can help."


"If you’re writing a series and you’re a fan of planning, Plottr is terrific. I really love the clean interface, the ease of redesigning the plot, and the simple character/place tabs. "

TCK Publishing

"Plottr is a great tool if you intend to do a lot of outlining, restructuring, character-development, and other preparatory things prior to actually writing your story."


"Plottr is an awesome outlining tool that will make your plotting experience easier. If you’re aiming for productivity (which many authors are) then this tool is the right one for you."


"Overall, Plottr is a great choice of software for writers who need a specialist outlining solution that works across desktop, laptop, and mobile devices alike."


"I wholeheartedly recommend Plottr to any writers working on a novel, series, or large project that involves careful plotting."


"Plottr gives you a place to collect all your planning notes in one place and easily turn them into a workable outline. Whether you’re a verbal or visual thinker, [its] tools will streamline the process and allow you to arrange your plans in a way that makes sense."


"If you're looking for a timeline tool so you can map out your novel and keep track of the scenes and characters, Plottr is pretty cool."

Fictive Universe

"I began using Plottr in late 2019. The developers have improved that software by leaps and bounds... to where it’s now my go-to for plotting/outlining my books."