Plottr Alternatives for Writers in 2023

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5 Plottr Alternatives for Planning Your Books and Series

Plottr Alternative #1

Plan with Index Cards

Who doesn't enjoy index cards? They're compact, they're affordable, they look good when pinned to a corkboard. We love them for staying organized... until you lose that one about the villain. Or the ink fades. Or they rip. Also, papercuts. Listen, you know we're right.
Plottr Alternative #1: Index Cards
"Goodbye index cards and corkboard! I haven't touched it in months because the Plottr interface makes the process so much easier."
Bill Cokas
"Such a time saver! I used to write scenes on 5x7 index cards and take over the dining room table for plotting. Now I can see the whole...plot on my screen."
Joni M. Fisher
Plottr Alternative #2: Spreadsheets
Plottr Alternative #2

Work with Spreadsheets

Excel and Google Sheets are great for organizing data, and are highly customizable. Some math-oriented writers love it. But the idea of organizing creativity with functions and pivot tables isn't exactly, well... sorry, we're actively panicking. Be right back.
"What I like most about Plottr is that it takes the overwhelm out of writing! I no longer have to search through notes, spreadsheets, note cards, and a book bible - Plottr puts everything in one place."
KJ Warawa
"I used to use Excel and index cards. Excel can be tedious and cards can go missing. No more. Everything is conveniently at my fingertips and I know I can access the information whenever I need it."
Terry P.
Plottr Alternative #3

Organize with Notebooks

Physical notebooks can be a great, affordable option for many writers to plan their books – especially if they're designed for authors. But they come with many of the pitfalls of index cards, and finding specific information can be a major challenge.
Plottr Alternative #3: Notebooks
"Before Plottr, I had notebooks and scattered pieces of paper, which led to scattered ideas. Plottr keeps me organized and more productive."
Charlene Amsden
"The series feature has been invaluable in tracking characters as well as plot points. It has allowed me to create series bibles without [using] Excel or a notebook."
Lark Brennan
Plottr Alternative #4: Whiteboard
Plottr Alternative #4

Install a Whiteboard

Drawing out your story in shapes works really well for some authors (see: Kurt Vonnegut). The open canvas can be freeing and inspiring – at least, until you run out of space. Then, you can choose to erase your work or buy more whiteboards. Fun!
"Plottr is helping me write faster first drafts... This software mimics the big white board for me and organizes my thoughts in a way that I don't look like a delusional conspiracy theorist."
Robin Claire Barnes
"Plottr is a straightforward, easy to use piece of software that... makes plotting a novel enjoyable and saves the confusion of countless scraps of paper and sticky notes."
Dionne Haynes
Plottr Alternative #5

Sticky Note Everything

And then there's the nuclear option: sticky notes. Yes, they make it easy to jot down and color coordinate all of your ideas (and attach them to surfaces!) but we can't actually recommend this. One question, for example: What happens when they stop sticking?
Plottr Alternative #5: Sticky Notes

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Some Plottr alternatives include: index cards, spreadsheets, notebooks, whiteboards, and sticky notes.

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