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Introducing Plottr for iOS and Android

The Dark Ages of mobile plotting are over! We’re excited to usher in a new era of plotting on the go with the official release of Plottr 2.0 for iOS and Android, a perfect pairing for NaNoWriMo 2020.

With this release, Plottr can now be downloaded on Windows and Mac along with any iOS and Android device – and you can sync your files across your devices, too 🙂

Let’s take a look!

Plottr for iOS and Android: An Overview

The first version of Plottr’s long awaited iOS and Android applications brings the flexibility of our popular desktop app to your on-the-go book planning efforts.

The tablet version of Plottr offers the majority of features available on Desktop, while the iPhone and Android Phone apps currently provide a more limited version of the tablet app – more on that below.

(Please note if you previously purchased the Legacy version of Plottr for iOS or Android, you will need to download the new app to use the latest features.)

Major Features: Plottr for Tablet vs Phone

Here’s a handy overview of the features available on Plottr for Tablet and Phone:

FunctionalityiPad & Android TabletiPhone & Android Phone
Timeline? Drag & drop scene cards
? Add & edit chapters, plotlines, scene cards
? Create scene stacks

? Templates
? Filtering
? Not Available
Outline? Add & edit scenes

? Filtering
? Deleting scene cards
? Edit & customize scene order

? Filtering
? Deleting scene cards
Notes? Add, edit, tag

? Filtering
? Add, edit, tag

? Filtering
Characters? Add, edit, tag

? Filtering
? Add, edit, tag

? Filtering
Places? Add, edit, tag

? Filtering
? Add, edit, tag

? Filtering
Tags? Add, edit, color? Add, edit, color
Project (Series)? Add, edit? Add, edit
Syncing? Yes, via 3rd-party cloud-services? Yes, via 3rd-party cloud-services


Take a look at Plottr on Tablet and Phone! The phone and tablet apps have the same functionality and appearance on iOS and Android.

Plottr for Tablet:

Plottr for Phone:

Getting Started with Plottr for iOS and Android

Here’s what you need to know to get started with Plottr for iOS and Android.

Download Plottr for iOS and Android

The Basics:

  • Plottr for iOS and Android is available free with an active Plottr customer license
  • You can activate Plottr on as many devices as come with your purchase (desktop, tablet, and/or phone)
  • Each device you activate counts as an activation against your total number of available license keys
  • Plottr for iOS and Android is currently available exclusively for customers.

Activating Your License

To activate your license on iOS and Android:

  • Download the app from the relevant store
  • Enter your purchase email in the app to receive an activation code via email
  • Enter the code in the app to activate your license key on the selected device
  • That’s it!

For additional help, please see our documentation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions you might have:

What devices is Plottr now available on?

Plottr is available for Windows and Mac, as well as as iPad, iPhone, and all Android phones and tablets (including Chromebook tablets). It will soon be available for Linux, as well.

How can I sync my work on Desktop to iOS and Android?

You’ll need to add your Plottr file to a third-party cloud file storage service (e.g. iCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox). Please see our documentation here.

I’m a customer. What should I do if I’ve used all of my license activations?

If you have used all of your activations on Plottr for Windows or Mac, please upgrade to the bundle to increase your license activations. Otherwise, please contact us.

I’m on the free trial. How can I access Plottr for iOS or Android?

Please click here to view pricing options and sign up for a paid account. You can then activate your device with one of your license keys.

How can I access Plottr for iPad or Android Tablet if I have the Legacy version of Plottr?

Please contact us here for special upgrade pricing.

What’s Coming Next

Now that Plottr is available for iOS and Android, we have a number of improvements planned while we move on to building other features on our roadmap.

Over the next several weeks, you can expect to hear progress on the following:

  • iOS and Android Feature Improvements
  • Custom Character Categories
  • File Dashboard
  • Act Structure

If you’d like to have your voice heard, please make sure to vote on our Roadmap, join our Facebook Group, or leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Ryan Zee

Ryan Zee

Ryan Zee

Ryan Zee

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8 thoughts on “Introducing Plottr for iOS and Android”

    1. The new Plottr 2.0 apps for iOS and Android have been fully rebuilt and are separate from the old 1.0 versions – an active Plottr license key is required and they must be re-downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re interested in accessing the new apps, please contact us here for more info: https://plottr.wpengine.com/support/

  1. Looks nice, thanks. Would be nice to have the option to flip the timeline, like in the desktop version.

    Also, any tips on how to avoid conflicts (which I already managed to produce)? Leaving a file open in two apps at once is not a good idea, it seems. When exactly does the iOS version save? Is it automatically or do I have to go back to the dashboard before exiting it?

  2. I downloaded the app onto my i phone. How do I get to my plot? When I click on the app all I see are Locations, Favorites, Tags. The search says nothing is there.

  3. I downloaded the iPad version, but there was no way to link my existing license. I had to buy a subscription from the App Store for $1 a month (no biggie, but not the experience that’s described here). Although I could start a new project and store it in OneDrive, the iPad version does not open an existing project I had created on the PC. I can’t reorder scenes on the iPad version either so.
    Looks like you guys are working on it, but as of now it’s more like an Alpha Version. Without basic interoperability, this isn’t going to work for me I’m afraid. 🧐

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Jay! Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble — feel free to contact us via support to look into these issues. We’re working on creating feature parity with the desktop version – and cloud syncing is in the future 🙂

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