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Classic (1 Device)

$139 $ 99
Lifetime Updates | Use Forever​​
  • Access on Desktop or Mobile (1 Device)
  • Use Offline
  • Save Files Locally
  • Local Backups
  • All Offline Features

Classic (3 Devices)

$149 $ 119
Lifetime Updates | Use Forever​​
  • Access on Desktop and Mobile (3 Devices)
  • Use Offline
  • Save Files Locally
  • Local Backups
  • All Offline Features


$299 $ 199
Lifetime Updates | Use Forever​​
  • Access on Desktop, Mobile, and Web (All Devices)
  • Use Online
  • Save Files to the Cloud
  • Cloud + Local Backups
  • Auto-Syncing Across Devices
  • Real Time Collaboration
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For ongoing updates and support, annual licenses must be renewed annually — and can be cancelled at any time. See our FAQ for more details. All purchases are subject to our terms of use.

Are you interested in bulk licenses or educational rates? Contact us for special pricing.

Plottr is a visual outlining and story bible software built for published and aspiring writers of all kinds – novelists, screenwriters,  playwrights, academics, journalists, writing students, and beyond. Whether you’re an outlining pro or your writing journey is just beginning, Plottr can help you visually (and creatively) build a plan to write your book!

The Pro version takes Plottr's standard features and adds cloud-based functionality such as a web app, automatic syncing across platforms (web, desktop, mobile), cloud backups, and real-time collaboration – with more to come.

It is best suited for writers who plan to use Plottr while connected to the internet and don't intend to manage their files locally.

Plottr is a downloadable software available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android – this includes iPhone, iPad, and Android tablets.  You can also sync files across devices using a 3rd-party storage service (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive). 


With Plottr Pro, you can also use our web app to access Plottr on Chromebooks, Linux Devices, Surface Tablets, and any other devices. 

We provide support via email Monday through Friday (10am to 6pm ET), as well as limited support on the weekends.


We also offer a full suite of educational resources, including:


You can also view (and contribute to) our roadmap here.

Yes. If you activate a license key on one computer, you can deactivate it and activate it on a different computer later. Please note that Plottr Pro does not include license keys – it is activated using your account email and password.

For Plottr: If your account expires, you will still have access to the version of Plottr and files you had at the time of expiration. However, you will not be able to download updates and bug fixes afterwards without renewing. 

For Plottr Pro: If your account expires, we will provide an offline version of Plottr for you to continue working with your files upon request – but without the benefit of updates and technical support.

Yes. You can find gifting options here: https://plottr.com/gift/