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How to Use Plottr's AI Writing Prompt Generator


Select a Genre

First things first: what kind of book are you working on? Romance, fantasy, thriller, horror, picture book?

Pick a Style

Pick the prompt style that best matches the type of story you want to write. Dark? Inspiring? Romantic? It's up to you!


Click "generate" and we'll send you an email with ten creative writing prompts to help you start your book – free!

Using Your AI-Generated Writing Prompts in Plottr

Now that you have some ideas to work from, it’s time to start organizing them!

  • Open Plottr on your computer or click here to download a free trial for desktop
  • With Plottr installed, create a new project or open an existing project
  • Open up the Notes section of Plottr and create a note containing your generated writing prompt ideas to use as part of your brainstorming process 
  • In the Timeline section of Plottr, create a new plotline called “Brainstorming” and insert your writing prompt in a scene card or across multiple scene cards

AI-generated writing prompts can be used in a number of ways, from inspiring your next chapter to an entire book or novel. The only limits are in your imagination!

Your AI Writing Prompt Generator Questions, Answered

The Plottr AI Writing prompt generator uses the OpenAI platform to take information you have entered and create writing prompts that align with your current ideas or work in progress. 

You simply enter: 

  • Genre: You can pick the genre of your current story, from romance to mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction and many more. Have fun and experiment with something new!
  • Style: What do you want the style of your writing prompt to be? Are you writing something humorous, dark, or even cheerful? Try different tones to generate unique ideas.
  • Email: Enter your email address and wait for your results. They will appear on the screen and be emailed to you as well.

The writing prompt generator provides you with ten inspiring prompts you can use to continue your current story, start a new one, or just engage in a fun writing exercise.

As writers, we often have lots of big ideas. Plottr’s AI Plot Generator can help you take those big ideas and break them down into the elements of a story, presented in an outline format.

This can help you see some options for the way your story could go, and offers options you might not have considered on their own.

An AI plot generator can also help you if you are stuck, or if you just want to have some fun exploring how your plot might be different if you changed the genre or wrote it with a different tone, villain, or by switching up the main character.

Not only does this tool generate new ideas and options for writers, but it can be really fun at the same time.

An AI writing prompt generator harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to carefully tailor a plot outline for your story based on the inputs you provide.

In contrast, a random writing prompt generator produces writing prompts based on random inputs, resulting in a set of completely random ideas.

You can use the tool for free up to 3 times per day. If you'd like to use it more often, please send us a message.

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