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20 Winners | $1,000+ in Prizes
To celebrate the release of Plottr Pro (our web-based app) on Friday, May 13, we're giving away $1,000+ in prizes to 20 lucky winners – from Plottr t-shirts, notebooks, and stickers, to coaching calls, software, and beyond!

How it Works

1st Place Winner

Winners #2 to #10

10 Random Winners

  • The contestant with the most referrals wins a Grand Prize pack of Plottr swag and publishing prizes
  • The next 9 contestants with the most referrals win a prize pack of Plottr Swag and a $25 gift card
  • 10 contestants selected at random will also win a Plottr t-shirt or notebook and a sticker
  • When people enter with your referral link, they receive a 15% discount for Plottr (not Pro)

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