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How to Use Plottr's AI Plot Twist Generator


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Add Story Details

Briefly describe your story, focusing on the characters, settings, and conflicts in need of a surprising twist.


Click "generate" and we'll send you an email with 10 fun plot twist ideas to help you plan or finish your book – free!

Using Your AI-Generated Plot Twists in Plottr

Now that you have some surprising story ideas, it’s time to start organizing them!

  • Open Plottr on your computer or click here to download a free trial for desktop
  • With Plottr installed, create a new project or open an existing project
  • Open up the Plottr Timeline and start laying out your favorite twist in a scene card (or two) and see how it fits with the rest of your story.
  • If the list of ideas you generated aren’t working on their own, try blending the results together or submitting another prompt.
  • You can also combine the results produced by the AI with your own ideas to create a unique twist customized to your story.

There is no one way to use the results in Plottr, and these are just a few examples. We can’t wait to see what you come up with to give your readers a shock!

Your AI Plot Twist Generator Questions, Answered

The Plottr AI Plot Twist generator uses the OpenAI platform to take some simple information you provide and generate ten different ideas for potential plot twists. All you have to do is fill three fields:

  • Genre: Is you book a thriller, mystery, fantasy, or a twisty romance? Your genre determines the type of plot twist the AI will generate.
  • Tone: Is your book dark? Humorous? Formal? Romantic? Informative? The tone of your story impacts how the plot twist feels to your reader. 
  • A Tweet-Sized Summary: If you can summarize your story in under 280 characters, the plot twists the AI generates will fit the events you have already included in your story. And you will have a fun Tweet to share!

With this information, the Plottr AI Plot Twist Generator will provide you with a list of ten ideas that will spark your imagination.

Plot twists can be - tricky. Sometimes it just takes a simple question or phrase to come up with the right one, but other times it takes a lot more thought.

Plottr's AI plot twist generator comes up with a series of ideas to help expedite the process, based on information you have provided about your story.

Those results can inspire you with ideas about what to write next, even if you don't use them verbatim – heck, we would be surprised if you do.

Besides, coming up with a list of ways to surprise your readers is just plain fun!

An AI plot twist generator uses artificial intelligence to analyze the inputs you provide to determine potential directions for your story.

It then uses this analysis to generate ideas that are more likely to be aligned with the overall story arc, and are therefore more likely to genuinely surprise readers.

By contrast, a random plot twist generator produces ideas based on completely random inputs. It does not consider the context, meaning, or structure of your story.

As a result, the twists it generates will likely have no meaningful connection to the story you are interested in telling, making them less useful.

You can use the tool for free up to 3 times per day. If you'd like to use it more often, please send us a message.

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