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Examples: Thunder, Charles Dickens in a swimsuit, Alien economists
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How to Use Plottr's AI Haiku Generator


Select a Genre

First things first: what type of haiku are you interested in? Something romantic or thrilling or maybe a bit fantastical?

Add Poem Details

Describe what would you like the poem to be about – nature, technology, philosophy? The choice is yours.


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Using Your AI-Generated Haiku in Plottr

Now that you have a haiku to work with, what’s next? Here are some ideas:

  • Open Plottr on your computer or click here to download a free trial for desktop
  • With Plottr installed, create a new project or open an existing one
  • If you’re starting a new project, use the Haiku Starter Template as a guide; enter the lines of the poem into the template, and edit them as needed
  • If you’re using an existing project, start a new book from the Haiku plot template or add the template as a plotline to an existing book and fill in the details
  • You can also organize your haiku within the Notes section of Plottr, or by simply adding it to a scene card on the Timeline where you plan to use the poem 

Your haiku may stand on its own as a poem, be the inspiration for a scene or chapter, or even become something you have a character in your story create as a way to share it with readers. Most importantly, experimenting with haiku poetry can be really fun!

Your AI Haiku Generator Questions, Answered

The Plottr AI Haiku Generator uses the OpenAI platform and the information you enter to create a haiku that fits the tone and topic you want.

Using your inputs, the AI creates a poem that follows the standard haiku guidelines. To get started, you will add: 

  • Genre: While we don’t always think of poetry in the light of genre, most of the time it follows some kind of genre pattern. This can include horror, inspirational, literary, or romance, for example.
  • Tone: Haikus can be inspiring, funny, dark, or even romantic. By entering the tone you are looking for, the AI will generate a haiku that aligns with it.
  • In a few words, what is the haiku about? As a haiku is short, it is usually focused on a single topic. You can choose everything from sunshine to wind to something humorous like a talking cat. The only limit is your imagination.

Haiku is a much loved form of poetry and follows a predictable pattern. Using the Plottr AI Haiku Generator, you’ll be inspired and have fun at the same time!

Authors use haiku in several different ways, but poetry in general helps writers hone their craft while having a lot of fun.

Here are some ways this tool can help you:

  • To inspire you when you are creating scenes: Since it is so topic-focused and brief, creating a Haiku about your scene often clarifies what that scene is really about.
  • To create an inspirational quote for the start of your scene or chapter: These often help set the reader’s expectations about the next section of your story. 
  • To help you get to know your character better: Whether the haiku you generate is about your character or is something they create in the story, it can reveal deep emotion, motives, goals, and more. 
  • To give your muse a break to play: Haikus can help you get back into your work-in-progress with a fresh perspective.

You may find even more ways to use haikus to enhance your plotting, your stories, and your writing life. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

An AI haiju generator uses artificial intelligence to use your inputs to craft a customized haiku for your enjoyment.

By contrast, a random haiku generator uses random inputs to create a random haiku.

Yes! You can use the tool for free up to 3 times per day. If you'd like to use it more often, please send us a message.

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