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Welcome to Plottr! We’re excited to help you begin visually planning your books.

This guide takes you through the steps of getting started with Plottr: 

Table of Contents

    Downloading & Installing Plottr

    It only takes a few minutes to download and install Plottr on your Windows or Mac computer. 

    Click here to learn how to download and install Plottr for Windows and Mac.

    Click here to learn how to activate your Plottr license key.

    Navigating Plottr

    Plottr is divided into a few easy-to-use sections to help you organize your books.

    Click here for an overview of how Plottr works.

    Account & Billing

    View your purchase history, update your billing information, and more.

    Click here to learn how to manage your account.

    Video Tutorials

    Discover dozens of quick tutorials covering the ins and out of Plottr.

    Click here to access our video tutorials.

    Demo Library

    From Hamlet to Pride & Prejudice and the Three Little Pigs, download demo files of popular stories.

    Click here to find our growing directory of Plottr demos.

    Join the Community

    Looking for inspiration? Connect and chat with fellow authors in Plottr’s Facebook Group. 

    Click here to join the Facebook Group.

    Have a Question?

    Contact us at any time — we’re here to help. Enjoy exploring Plottr!

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    Our Features

    Visual Timelines Plottr 2.0
    Drag & Drop Editor
    Plot Cards
    Plot Lines
    Color Picker
    Multiple Views
    Sort & Filter
    Story Bibles Plottr 2.0
    Series Bible
    Custom Attributes
    Time-Saving Tools Plottr 2.0
    Starter Templates
    Automated Outlines
    Custom Templates
    Export to Word & Scrivener